Canadian Geese Illegal Crossing

Here is my question:  When did it become common practice for people to expect that others know what it is they want, and then compound that expectation with frustration/disappointment when what they had expected does not materialize?

Take the geese in the picture above, they evidently expected the car to stop for them but would they have had the right to be upset if it hadn’t?  Yes, it would have been unfortunate and they could have been disappointed in the event itself, but to project that disappointment on to the driver would not only be unfair, but asinine!  There were no indications that this was a “Canadian Geese Crossing.”

In a similar vein, can we be upset when individuals in our lives do not live up to our expectations?  I say YES; but ONLY if we have first clearly communicated what those expectations are! Under any other circumstance, the best we can do is accept blame and lay groundwork to ensure what we expect is something that holds future merit; all offending parties are released from blame…THIS time.


One thought on “EXPECTATIONS…

  1. I thought Canadian Geese were protected any where at any time. Can’t kill them if they are destroying your pond. But it is true about expectations. What are they expectations that we have from God that lead us to utter disappointment. It was our false expectations. When we expect Him to conform us to the image of Christ, our lives are to expect, challenges the cut the fray of our edges.

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