Scheduled to Disengage

TweetsLife is flying by at about 200 mph.  Thanks to iPhone technology, the mobility of laptops, and the popularity of online education, I find myself constantly connected to cyber world and still trying to maintain a semblance of “disconnect” in my “real” world as I careen down the highway of life at neck-breaking speeds.

This blog was inspired by a tweet I received, as shown in the picture, about an individual who was “going off grid’ from Friday to Tuesday.  I first was struck by the reality that these days there is a need to inform people in our cyber lives that we are disengaging for any amount of time.  That need is derived from an expectation some people have to regularly “hear” from us; thanks now to vehicles like twitter and Facebook updates. It has become common courtesy so that people will not fear that we are “dead in a ditch somewhere.” – Christina Olson

That same tweet inspired the realization that I have not “unplugged” in months.  The maximum I can disappear from an online class I teach is 48 hours; so I could never achieve the three days of “silence” the individual I follow on twitter will experience tomorrow.  Instead, I considered taking my 48 hours and shutting down my technological life in that time frame.  Immediately I had a creeping sense of distress and I began to list the reasons I would need to be engaged online, in some capacity, during that time frame.  Could I really take two solid days and not be online?

Not yet…

I wonder though, how many of us would do well to remove ourselves from all our “connectors:” Facebook, myspace, twitter, IM, email; how many of us would do well to embrace silence?


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