Girl Power!!!

meese_womens_rightsQ: “Why is it that women don’t need to wear watches?” A: “There’s a clock on the stove!!”

I once heard this joke, and was wildly offended; yet, overtime, I have encountered many a woman I would wish that statement applied.  What is it with SOME women in power? I am SO tempted to make a sweeping generalization here, and it is largely due to a recent encounter of mine that left me wanting to spear-head another anti-feminist movement.

Do you realize it has only been since 1920 that women could VOTE?  Ninety years ago, we did not have a political voice (outside the crafty manipulation, I mean persuasion, of our men).  Is it possible that there

are still some women today, who are not capable of successfully wielding the power affiliated with positions of authority?  The better question is, just because women are now ABLE to hold positions of authority, does that mean we all are best suited to?

I say no.

Don’t get me started on so many women drivers…


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