Listening to Your Body…

It is not just the rampant swine flu that appears to be sweeping the nation, invading little towns like Lynchburg, and preventing people from leading their productive lives.  There are so many other “illness” that plague this nation and most are derived from, what Daniel Coleman says is, “the (in)ability to control impulse, (as this) is the base of will and character.”

Far too deep for a blog, I am sure you’re thinking, but last night I sat on the cusp of this very impulse.  Maybe you have been at this moment before, or maybe you have yet to recognize a moment like this in your life; but it is that crucial moment when you know the decisions you make after that point are detrimental to your well being.

For me, it was the the golf ball sized glands in my upper neck.  I was spending time with friends, after a full day of school work and the like; but noticing that my energy was dropping, I was a little fatigued, and for some reason swallowing had become a slight challenge.  Though I had commitments this morning to sing in a choir, and would much rather have spent more time with my friends last night; I made the decision to listen to my body and headed home to sleep for what ended up being nearly 12 hours.


Did I wake up today feeling 100%?  No.  But did I wake up today worse?  No!  In fact, I am going to continue to listen to my body’s need for rest as I sit in my “tree house” (as pictured above), listen to the crickets, and take time to focus on getting back to health so I can meet all my commitments this coming week.

We might all do well to spend a little more time listening to what our bodies are saying; they tend to know best 😉


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