The Proposal

TheProposal_1024x768_02Just when I did not think it was possible to love Ryan Reynolds anymore…”The Proposal” came out.

The irony in this show is that, Ryan is in fact a Canadian and Sandra Bullock is very much not!  Reynolds even has that, je ne sais qois, about him that is oh, so, “Canadian.”  The other interesting fact about this movie is that in reality, there is not an “Engagement VISA.”  Even if they had chosen a “Marriage VISA” for the film, technically you can’t work while it is processing anyway, and it can take up to 3 years to proccess!!  Any other Canadian who has fought to stay in the US, like myself, will testify to this!

What I really appreciated the most about this film, was the freedom Sandra Bullock had in a rather lengthy nude scene that ended with her and Ryan crashing into each other in the buff.  What struck me the most was that, even though she was not in “Jessica Alba” form in the nude, Sandra’s character was still seen as “beautiful” by Ryan Reynolds character.

Way to go Sandra!  Thank you for showing women world-wide that you do not need to be a size 2 to be considered beautiful!  I wonder though…her coming film “All About Steve,” shows a Bullock with Tina Turner hair and a waist size considerably smaller than the nude scene portrayal in this film…even in our “full form” moments in life, are all women destined to return to, or at least long for, the thinner-side?

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