Theme song for your life…

How many of you have wished you could have a soundtrack to your life?

Thank you Hollywood, for filling our television sets with lives that are highlighted by musical interludes, painted in technicolor and studded with beautiful people.  Now I wake every morning wondering where my classically arranged prelude is, and why there isn’t a washboard-ab ,hunk of a man greeting me with breakfast in bed (Venti vanilla misto with 2% milk and foam [in thirds please].  Yes, I prefer breakfast in liquid form).

Alas my friends, unless we are cast in the next Spielburg film (or the like), our lives will go soundtrack-less; however, two of my good friends are no longer going to have to go without an anthem.  Recently, due to a rekindled interest in music composition, I have composed a song for two of my dear friends: “Song for Ella” and “Christina’s Anthem.”

What would you want your anthem to sound like?


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