A Venti Pumpkin Spice Misto, Too Pretty and Every Other Way…

Today I supported the US troops. Not because I support war, or even because I am American, but because I support humanity and there is something inhumane to me about not having access to good coffee when you’re fighting for freedom.
In exchange for this support, Starbucks rewards you with a free coffee. I am fortunate; the people at this particular Starbucks love me and they upgraded my “free drip coffee” to my favorite drink from last fall (which they remembered, might I add): a Venti Pumpkin Spice Misto!!!

As I’m crafting what I want to write on my instant Starbucks coffee package that will be read by a random solider overseas who is going to get it in a few weeks, the barista, Michelle, starts telling a story.

“So, Renee, I was online last night and I stumbled across the song ‘I’m too Pretty’ that you wrote, and I have to tell you, I listened to it, pressed rewind, listened to it again, pressed rewind, I listened to it at least three times…I think it might have altered my life a little…”

“Where did you find that??” I ask.

Well, evidently, the blog that my friend Christina writes (www.iamtooprettyforthis.blogspot.com) includes the YouTube version of the song that she created from the Facebook upload I threw together last week to cheer her up! It was mostly a joke…but due to this mornings discourse at the ‘Bux, I decided to finish the song and upload it here so Michelle doesn’t have to hit rewind on a disjointed YouTube of last weeks version of this song ☺ It’s still a work in progress, only about the 4th time I’ve sang/played it; but it might become something that sticks around – all for you Christina!

Good thing to offset the rough draft, there is a rodent running around in the background…thanks Joey.

I think the best part of my day today, though, happened at 1:31am. I should have been asleep at that hour; but thankfully my 8am was canceled, so staying out chatting with friends about the mysteries of life until midnight and beyond did not put me at risk for comatose today.

It was on the drive home that this twitter update came through:
Thanks to IM+ I am able to have all my tweets forwarded to my phone. Thanks to twitter, we are able to keep up with just about anyone in the world. There is something so personal though, and potentially deceiving, about having “tweets” show up on your phone through IM+ like text messages. You almost have to remind yourself that they’re the tweet equivalent of mass-emails. Your name may show up on the list, but it’s next to hundreds of others; you aren’t that special. ☺

So BT’s question made me laugh because it appeared to necessitate a response, but clearly one was not needed; it was more of an announcement that he was going to “spoil” his fans with six minutes of, what I believe, is absolute brilliance.

Every Other Way.

While I’m writing songs about how I am too pretty to have to tolerate the crap in life, BT is writing music that will take your breath away. http://bt.tumblr.com/ I’m still trying to catch mine…six minutes of your life you won’t just be compelled to rewind, but infinitely loop; I promise.


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