BT, Europe and U2…

What do all these things have in common? Not much. Unless your bucket list read something like mine:

1. See BT live: check
2. Travel Europe: check
3. See U2 live: TONIGHT!! Check…

I just found out that my friends flight isn’t coming in until 4:40!!!! In RICHMOND. I thought that she said 4pm and THAT was pushing it…all to save a few bucks; hey, I get it, but this is my BUCKET LIST we’re talking about.

Then I realized something. In the past 2 years I have been checking off a lot of the “items” on my bucket list and have drawn two conclusions: 1) It must mean I am going to die soon (thank you Lynne for making the BT pic a possibility, I will hold you responsible for my early death!!); 2) I need to add more things to the list!!!

Since I don’t want Lynne to have to give a eulogy anytime soon, I have updated my bucket list:

1). I want to spend a day with BT while he’s “working.”
2). I want to spend a day hanging out with Bono, preferably in Ireland.
3). I want to meet Jennifer Aniston; I don’t know why, but our relational lives have always seemed like a mirror to me.

I think there may be a chance for immortality now…

What’s on your bucket list??


2 thoughts on “BT, Europe and U2…

  1. Renee,
    To raise up a generation of students that causes the Rapture to occur (i.e. fulfill the great commission) is on my bucket list…other than get married and have kids, I have done most of mine except for those 3

  2. Great question!

    My [incomplete] bucket list includes the following: earn a PhD and demand that my parents call me Dr. Christina, travel to Greece and visit the city where my grandfather grew up, learn all my family’s secret recipes, and write a book.

    Congratulations on crossing off another big item tonight on your own list!

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