“Space Junk”, Nose Bleeds and “Boots with the Fur.”

I lost my breath.

Black leather jacket, wrap-around sunglasses, crew-cut hair and the distinct sound of Paul Hewson’s vocal styling soaring into the open air. I was at my first-ever U2 concert!!

Scott Stadium was an outdoor venue, and if there is any way to see U2, it would be to see it beneath a blanket of stars.

This particular night, I was a little closer to the stars it seemed, than to Bono himself. U2 realized the potential for disconnect that a massive open-air stadium could cause and after his opening number he welcomed the crowd with this acknowledgment and the quote of the night (in my opinion): “So, what do you guys think of our space junk?”
Space junk? Does he know what he just said?
That question was in reference to the massive structure behind me in this picture, that I clearly was in favor of; but when I say close to the stars, that picture of their junk is taken in the 100’s. The view from the top for me and my friend Kori was more like this:
Significantly smaller…
Yes, that’s right, we were perched in our nose-bleed seats for the entire 4 hour event. Yet, U2’s “space junk,” worked it’s magic and the distance was barely felt. Bono was larger than life on the 360 degree screen in the center.

I really wasn’t aware of the height until I was recording the song “Mysterious Ways” on my iPhone. I can still picture the 12 year old version of myself, walking down her elementary school hallways with her black Sony Walkman and a “mixed tape” of U2 songs mouthing the words “on your knees boys” as I walked to French class. So there was something magical for me to actually see the man who has spent so many years singing to me actually sing them live that I almost didn’t feel something start to run down my lip. I took my fingers from one side of the phone to brush it off and happened to notice blood.

It begged the question: Whose nose ACTUALLY bleeds in the NOSE BLEED section??


I was momentarily concerned about what the guy next to me would think, when he leaned over and gloss-eyed, asked “would you like my last shot of tequila?” Holding a little bottle of Jose in his hand, just below the sleeve of his jacket, and me still holding my finger to my nose, I just shook my head. Who is this guy? The stench of Cuervo was so stiff on his breath, I had a sensation of taking the shot just from our little diatribe.

Somehow I stopped the bleeding, and spent the next couple hours of my night reeling at seeing live, the men who were responsible for such much of my musical upbringing. Spellbinding.

Even though it must have been 40 below when we left the stadium after 2 15 minute encores and a longing for time to stand still; I was satiated. The only quest left in my mind was to one day converse with the front man himself, but that thought was interrupted by a loud “boooooooootss!!!” coming from a car next to me. Traffic was stuck, and wasn’t moving anywhere, so we were moving quicker on foot. My foot happened to be housed in BCBG beige calf-length boots with white fur. “Booooootsss!!!”
I have been so busy educating myself on what I believe is good music, I was unaware that T-Pain had made my choice of footwear cliche. Awesome. Is precisely what this night still was.
And in the name of love, if anyone is trying to get rid of floor tickets to see them in Raleigh tomorrow night, let me know!!


4 thoughts on ““Space Junk”, Nose Bleeds and “Boots with the Fur.”

    • That was a HUGE concern, “did I drip blood on my new white leather jacket!?!” On top of the water that I spilt on it driving to the show, thank you starbucks for making lids that STILL don’t stay on…:)

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