Room to Breathe…


That word may be part of my vocabulary, but it is one I have spent the better part of my life wrestling with difficulty in its use.

Am I physically capable? Yes.
Do I have the time? Yes.
Can I do it? Yes.
Is it part of what I want to do? Not a question I ever answer.

All around me I see people chasing their dreams. It’s Bono, The Edge, Larry and Adam; chasing their teenage dreams and making them reality;

It’s Scotty Curlee leaving pharmaceutical sales to star in his own movie that’s wrapping up here soon:

Did they all think that what they dreamed was possible? Maybe. Did they all chase their dreams. Yes. When they look back on their lives, it will be without that regret.

What are my dreams? Have I been chasing them? I have accomplished a number of my academic dreams and am working on the final frontier; however, there is something else that keeps me up at night, won’t let me sleep and when I do, races through nearly all of them. It’s time. I am finally paying attention to the itch that I’ve had for nearly a decade. I am clearing the room and giving myself space to breathe. If Bono can do it, if Scotty can do it, name the person that tossed inhibition to the wind and chased after the very thing that was the driving force in the back of their mind; to all those who went after their dreams, today I am joining the ranks!

What are your dreams? What are you doing to chase them?


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