Academia, Cheers and Mysterious Ways

I’m sitting in my second intensive for my MA requirements to eventually enter my PhD in professional counseling.


Here goes another 5 days of “feeling,” not something I’m uncomfortable with, just something that amazed me about my last intensive. I didn’t realize that a prerequisite for entering into a counseling program was that you probably needed some amount of counseling yourself. I recognize there are statistics for this…but to see those statistics come to life…little overwhelming.

So in order to face this week – and recover from the past few – I really needed this past weekend.

You don’t realize quite what you have sometimes, until you don’t have it anymore…and even worse until it returns for a moment in time and you remember it was gone. This was part of the three things I recognized from this past weekend that I’m mulling over as I listen to the “Psychotherapy (of) Groups.”

First: I live in a town that truly has its own version of “Cheers”. I think I’ve mentioned this in previous posts, but this past weekend when we walked into Bullbranch, it was like walking into a family reunion. Hugs, handshakes, smiles, and casual talk – NOT small talk – where these people know what you did last week, what you’re planning to do, and where you’ve been. The craziest part is, they’re not people you planned to see there, they aren’t people you can expect to see the next time you’re there, but if you DO see them, it’s a bit like coming home. I think a large part of “Cheers'” success lay in the fact that everyone desires to belong to a place where “everybody knows your name.” Thank you Scott Cardwell, for creating a version of that here in VA; which made this weekend possible.

Me, Kori, (Brian), (Becky), and Kelly in 2000ish...

Me, Kori, (Brian), (Becky), and Kelly in 2000ish...

Second: I am blessed to have life long friends (most of the above), and although we’re spread out all over the globe, time and space does not change the beauty of days gone by and only enhances the time we get to share in the present and the possibility of the same in the future. Friday (still coming down from a U2-phoria) two of my former college roommates came into town and I reconnected with a third whose been here raising a family. Saturday night was “girls” night. Not sure how many of you have been out of college as long as I have (8 years!!!), but it was as though a minute hadn’t passed since we’d all hung out. Despite babies, husbands, careers, life, if I hadn’t known better, we all had just finished our PSYC homework, left the dorm, and were meeting up for dinner. Annie and I had just finished an interpretive dance for our hallmates, Kelly and I had just finished a 5K run in preparation for the 50K we always talked about running, and Kori was discussing with us matters of utmost collegiate importance: spatulas.

I miss college.

Third: I needed to laugh so hard my upper abs ached. Do you have those friends? That when you get together, the laughs roll, the stories flow like wine and time somehow evaporates? That was Saturday night with my girls. I don’t really remember what was so funny, but it had something to do with mums, interpretive dancing and royalty. I DO remember that it was U2, (which is rarely ever played at Bullbranch) “Mysterious Ways,” and the thrill of Scott Stadium from Oct 1st, simultaneously collided and overtook the four of us girls as we sang at the top of our lungs at Table 4; completely unconcerned or even aware of our surroundings. We were the only people in the room and we were having the time of our lives. The moments memories are made of…

From left to right: Annie, Kelly, Kori and me.

From left to right: Annie, Kelly, Kori and me.


3 thoughts on “Academia, Cheers and Mysterious Ways

  1. It’s wonderful to have those people in your life, isn’t it? Reunions refresh a part of you that no one else can touch, because no one shares the same experiences.

    I’m so glad you had that this past weekend!

  2. Mums are quite comfy when you get locked out of your house. All you have to do is snuggle up to them and you’ll sleep like a baby. This weekend was amazing! I laughed harder than I have in a long time which is no surprise given my company:) Can’t wait for you to come stay with me in the Spring!

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