Thanksgiving, Stripping and Span Air

Yes. You read that correct. THANKSGIVING!
It has been twelve, no, THIRTEEN years since I was last home for Canadian thanksgiving. (smile) All you American’s reading this are staring rather quizzically at the screen right now; unless you happen to know that Canadian’s celebrate thanksgiving in October and NOT November. Having lived in both countries, nearly equal amounts of time now, I actually prefer Canada’s version. See, we have a huge lead up to Christmas instead of a huge lead up to thanksgiving…and then Christmas.

This was the discussion I had at Starbucks recently and the question that followed was, “when’s your flight?”

Okay, things to know about Renee for 100…I HATE flying.

That’s an amazing statement, considering two summers ago I went to Europe for two months and sustained 9 different flights – not without insisting that my roommate (and travel companion), hold my hand on every last take-off; thank you Ashley!!

Yet, for as much as I hate flying, one of my favorite stories comes from an EasyJet flight we took from Madrid to London. I would say that EasyJet is much like Southwest…tin cans in the sky. So I was crapping my pants before we taxied onto the runway!
The freaking out continued until a very official, grey haired man, stepped out from the cockpit and took the phone. In a thick Scottish accent, much like a Mike Myers in the sky, asks if anyone was nervous about the flight. I shot my hand straight up, which wasn’t hard for him to see since Ash and I had managed to get front row seats; even though we checked in last and were the last group to get on…technically, we flew first class!!

The pilot, he introduced himself as, acknowledged my hand and the fact that I wasn’t alone, b/c he was nervous too. Greeeeeatt….he went on to tell us about the flight/weather and how the back bathroom on our brand new 737 was broken, so we’d only have the front one, and that the AC was also broken but once the engines got going we’d have air. As he’s saying that, I’m thinking about how hot I am in my Army/Navy fleece that Ella gave me so I start to take it off and in mid-pull I hear the captain say “and for some reason the girl in the front row has decided to strip for me..must be the uniform.” The entire plane erupted in laughter. I slowly pulled the rest of the fleece off my head, embarrassed, and sunk a little into my seat…I mean, I AM a sucker for accents…and uniforms 😉

Yet, for every great flight, there has been the one that made you think death was imminent…our entire European trip Ashley was CERTAIN we were going to die; crossing the road, walking onto the metro, eating “french fries.” Every time we walked onto a plane I thought we were going to die; until Span Air. That flight was our third last flight and it was from Barcelona to Madrid. We, again, were late for the line up and ended up sitting on top of the engine, essentially. The entire flight the engine shook our seats, the panel above our heads on the plane vibrated, and this time when I asked Ashley, “we’re going to be okay, right?” She didn’t respond…

Ashley and I in Madrid...

Ashley and I in Madrid...

Obviously, we’re both here today and I am blogging about it; but Ashley later told me that was one of the times in a plane she wasn’t sure if we’d make it…needless to say, I am DRIVING to Canada on Friday and if you ever fly in Europe, DO NOT fly Span Air!!!!


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving, Stripping and Span Air

    • There WAS! But remember we saw that crash in Brazil when we were in Barcelona and decided two crashes that close together was a highly improbable? The only thing that gave me sanity when we flew from there to Madrid…

  1. Awww, this is one of my favorite stories for you two to tell together.

    Especially over (American) Thanksgiving dinner and with an iPhone lightsaber in Ashley’s hand.

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