Front Line, Blind Date and Home.

T minus 2 hours and I will be headed home to pack up the last of my things and make a run for the border!

This morning started out with a phone call from LU. It was from Kathy – director of the Thomas Road Baptist Church Praise Team. I have been part of this team since March and part of the TRBC choir since I joined the church in January, and it has been my DREAM to sing Front Line (they are the crew with the microphones next to Charles Billingsley, see below). I grew up singing in an ensemble at Springvale Baptist Church – DayStar I think it was called – and I have MISSED that. So there was this tiny part of me that thought, maybe one day I could do that at TRBC…


I had informed a number of people that Canada was this weekend for Canadian Thanksgiving and for the first time since I joined the praise team I was assigned Front Line!! I didn’t even know!! I DIDN’T GET THE EMAIL! Sigh…good thing I love my family. Maybe one day in the future…

Then, I was stopped in the hall by one of my group-mates, Tony, who told me that he ran into a guy a the gym last night and wasn’t sure how I felt about “blind dates.” Tony is married with four beautiful children and in our group therapy sessions this week I have been taking about how I doubt marriage is in my future. He warned this poor guy that I “am a talker,” and apparently he’s a good listener, lol. I guess I’m going to let Tony give this guy my number and go on a blind date in the next few weeks…

In the immortal words of Bono: “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”


There are so many things up in the air, but one thing I know for certain is that I am heading to the Great White North in mere hours and I am excited about spending time with my dad again and my step-mom and seeing my sister and her husband for TURKEY on Sunday. Ahh…turkey…I WILL drive 12 hours just to eat some of my dad’s turkey! I’ll try and keep up while I sustain Tryptophan coma this weekend 😉



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