A Facial, Providence and a Tribute

It has been an overwhelming week, in so many ways, so I slated in a facial at Pure Mer along with the eye brow waxing I have been getting at this very location over the past 10 years. The owner, I found out the first time I was referred to this spa, is also a graduate of my high school: Markville Secondary School (below). The same school my mom had taught at until the summer she passed away. Since I left at 19 for the US only came back on “holidays,” there are few high school colleagues that I still know and see. Yet, all these years, I didn’t ever remember KNOWING Alex in high school. That’s because I didn’t.


I found out today that my mom was Alex’s guidance counselor in high school. As I laid down on the white clad table, in full exfoliate swing, Alex was recounting her memory of my mom. As she was speaking, I realized that although I obviously remembered going through the motions of my last year at Markville S.S. without my mom; it never occurred to me what that loss was like for others. Hearing her talk about how she teared up every time she walked by the guidance office where my mom worked, how my mom had impacted the high school version of herself, was profound for me. I hadn’t taken time to think about how people around me had suffered while I was suffering. That it was not just me and my family who felt the loss of my mom’s presence, but so many others. This is what raced through my mind as the Dermalogica cleanser tingled my skin.

Then it occurred to me, how DID I end up coming to see Alex nearly a decade ago to have her twease my eyebrows? I asked.

“You were referred by another client of mine, who is no longer a client anymore. I can’t remember who it was, but when you walked in I immediately who you were. I was sure that she (my mom) had sent you to me.”

Alex's Company

Alex's Company

That statement was huge for me. My mom had meant so much to her that seeing me come in as a client meant something more. My dad had just asked me today, why it was I kept driving to see her; a trip that now takes 50 minutes. Now I knew. There was something providential about Alex and my reunion and it took a facial for me to find out. Not only that, there was something sweet about reliving the impact my mom had made; one that lasted long beyond her years here on earth. It was a beautiful tribute to the woman my mother was.



I smiled. God has a sense of humor. Bringing me home for a three day hiatus in Canada, and squeezing in a therapeutic facial that did just as much for my skin as it did for my soul. I am thankful.


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