Timmy’s, Swiss and Time

Things that I am thankful for today. It is Canadian thanksgiving. Yes, it is celebrated much like American thanksgiving: a weekend dedicated to spending time with loved ones and giving thanks. If you want the history on the Canadian version of the holiday, check out this site: http://www.thanksgivingnovermber.com/canadian-thanksgiving.html

I have not been home for this holiday in over a decade. School, and life in the US has prevented me from returning on the second weekend of October. So this particular trip was monumental in my families history; I was home for the holidays!!

As I sat around today pondering the holiday, I realized that there were distinctly Canadian things I was incredibly thankful for:

1. Tim Hortons.


There were rumors that this very establishment laced its coffee with cocaine because there is no way that an entire nation could possibly be addicted to this drink the way it is. My family has up to four cups a day = four trips through the drive through…no joke. Lol. Starbucks can’t even compete with this.

2. Swiss Chalet


Quarter chicken dinner, white meat with FRIES. There are few times that I will eat french fries…Bullbranch is one of them, and Swiss Chalet is the other. There is this sauce…that I drink (according to my family)…and I LOVE dipping fries in it! I have actually brought American friends home and they despised the sauce; I love it. I am thankful for it.

So far, my list has involved food…but last – and definitely not least – the thing that brings me home to Canada over and over again: My family.



Time with my family is something I treasure. Being away the majority of the year, I am always thankful for the trips I can make back home to see them; even though my dad thinks my singing is annoying and my sister thinks that I am a little loco 😉 they’re my family, and I love them!!

Although American thanksgiving is still over a month away, there is never any harm in spending time considering what you’re thankful for; what would you put on your list?

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