Why Aquafina, WHY?

So you remember when Nalgene bottles were all the craze?


Then we found out that Recycle America had not done effective testing prior to re-processing whatever materials were used to make Nalgene bottles, baby bottles, and the like; meaning these bottles were possibly contaminating the contents that so peacefully rested in them prior to consumption. So I returned to ol’ faithful: Aquafina. She has the very safe “1” (Nalgene was a “7”)


I was always an Aquafina girl. There are pictures from 1997 with me holding the very same water bottles you would see me with today. There IS a difference, you know, between the tastes in water. For example, the much loved “Evian,” to me, has a “tin-esqe” taste. I will tolerate “deer park” – if I am not paying – as well as some other no-name brands; but my water of choice is Aquafina.

Much like Nestle and their chocolate, Aquafina changed the makeup of the water in Canada; bottles up there have “normal lids.” I used to stock up on US bottles when I went home, just so I could workout and consume maximum amount of water with minimal amount of spillage. However, this past weekend I stopped in Northern PA, Western PA, West VA, and ALL the Aquafina bottles they carried were now being sold there with the “normal” sized mouth.


When I returned to Lynchburg, I navigated the isles of Sheetz on Wards Rd to the back freezers, holding my breath as I approached the water section. Pleeeease tell me that south of the Mason-Dixon line, they still carried big-mouthed water bottles!! And there they were, bottom row, all lined up in their big-lid glory; all was right with the world.

I suppose there could be a metaphor for my life here. There is no “sipping the cup of life,” I largely gulp life down. Life is too short, in my opinion, to merely tea-cup my way through it. So I plead, PLEASE Aquafina, do not change ALL bottles to “normal” sized lids! I need to drink my water like I drink life, large gulpfulls at a time!

I wonder…how do you drink your water?? 😉


4 thoughts on “Why Aquafina, WHY?

  1. I have been drinking big-mouth aquafina bottles for 12 years!!!! I have them in family photos going back to 98… now I can’t find the bottles anywhere. What happened!

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