Starbucks, Homecoming and a party like its 1989…


So I was trying to decide WHAT part of the last weekend I should write about, and was trying to make that decision as I walked into the Starbucks bathroom…stay with me.

Have you ever walked into a bathroom where someone didn’t exactly *flush* the toilet? That was me a few minutes ago, and learning from past experience, I always try and flush before I use it JUST IN CASE it’s clogged. That’s what I did, and the water started rising; exactly why I go through this procedure, I don’t want the staff thinking that *I* did it!! I ran out and told the girls that it wasn’t me, and they said “suuuuuuure,” only to go back and find that the clog was thwarted, and all was well in toilet-land.

That story, to tell you that I was in the process of trying to decide if I’d tell you about a) Cattle Annie’s, b) Texas Inn, c) the broken golf cart, d) the other bathroom story that stunk up an entire floor for nearly 4 hours (no joke…and it WASN’T ME!!). I’ll save those for another blog, today is LU’s homecoming.

This past weekend was Liberty Universities Homecoming. The host of this weekend, my friend Marty, threw the bash of the year at his house here in town, affectionately named: Liberty Alumni House.


The party he threw Saturday night was an “unofficial LU party;” which was basically organized to gather all his local LU alumni friends and his original school buddies from 1989, (which, by the way, was my sixth year in elementary school ;)) What a brilliant mix of alma mater though, it was amazing to meet a guy who started LU in 1980 (when I was two) and was Jerry Falwell Jr’s roommate! The stories he could have told, but couldn’t have told, but could have told…

Despite the decade difference in age (in most cases), all of us partied like it was 1989 😉 It was fascinating to hear the stories of decades gone by, moments that were shared on the same tiny *mountain* I still inhabit here in Lynchburg VA.


Then I realized how quickly time passes and once again was reminded that life is short, and I got to thinking:

What would I want to be able to tell fellow alumni at a reunion 20 years from now? What would I want to have accomplished in those years?

What would be on yours?


4 thoughts on “Starbucks, Homecoming and a party like its 1989…

  1. I’d talk about the orange mud that served as sidewalks, what it was like to carry coffee before it became an accessory on campus, and exchange Jerry Falwell, Sr. stories.

    • Christina, those stories definitely flew Saturday night…I think we need to share some of the OTHER stories from that night 😉 I will never forget the orange clay, that I still can’t get off shoes I owned back in that day, and the coffee mugs that we walked to class with (Starbucks didn’t come till when, 2004??).

  2. I decided to click on your link (from the DB in CCOU 304)and take a look at your blog and started laughing when I saw this one! I actually saw the party pictures on facebook that were posted by my friend Angel Voggenreiter. 🙂 Sorry we missed homecoming this year!

    • You’re friends with Angel!? It was SUCH a fun time! I met Marty about two years ago and titled the end of this blog “like it’s 1989,” kind of tongue-and-cheeking it about Prince’s song and because a lot of the people there had been at LU in ’89 (a decade before I showed up ;). Sorry you missed it too; I think Marty is going to make this a yearly event (which means I’ll be “working” it for him every year :). Thanks for checking it out!

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