Life isn’t always what you expect…

But it IS what you make of it.

I recently watched a short film, Levi’s “Go Forth,” one that I was interviewed in but only appeared in brief clips of the final cut. John Carl did a brilliant job of showcasing some of the unique, and beautiful people in America. Everyday people, with a passion for life; who were living out that passion in each minute of each day.

Today I met the derby girl, whose interview made it into this video, for coffee. We spent two hours ruminating the events that led us to the warm mugs we held in our hand. What about our past shaped us into who we are today? How did we want to take those experiences and use them to transform us into better human beings?


We met on the team pictured above last April. Neither of us might have predicted how short-lived our time on the team was going to be; but both of us recognized that all things have their purpose; a purpose driven by what we love.

Her passion: Derby. Skating is as necessary for her as breathing. Derby was something I truly enjoyed, but it was not my passion. What has driven me since I can remember is music. Though we no longer skate together, I am hoping we will reunite on wood in the near future; in very different roles. I will be singing the pre-game anthem while she prepares to knock down some roller-chicks 😉

As I left her house, I realized that both our passions served the same purpose in our lives: they serve as our release from life.

What are you passionate about?


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