Frozen, Debut, and Farmapalooza

Steel strings, 49 degrees Fahrenheit, a flat-bed, and an eclectic group of people: the scene that faced me as I stood in front of a mic stand wishing that the stage was on top of the fire everyone else was crowded around. Despite the chill that had my fingers frozen in an E chord on my Takamine, there was something enchanting about the glow of the fire as it danced across the Virginian landscape. Part of the enchantment for me was this was the first time I was going to take the stage and perform something I had written.


Stages have been no stranger to me and they have witnessed me singing Britney Spears with 10 back up dancers, backing up local musicians in one form or another; I’ve even held a stage of ice for two years singing in undergrad singing the anthem for the LU hockey team. However, there was only one time in my life that a stage witnessed an original song; my mother’s funeral. It was a song I had written for her in her last few weeks on earth, but one that she only ever heard the lyrics and music to separately as she was too ill to make it to the living room where our upright piano stood. I have no memory of that performance, though I’ve run into people who do, and maybe it was the context that kept me from performing original music since that moment until my debut last night.


Farmapalooza was the venue, Dave and Mel Ellis (who own two fantastic restaurants in town: Dish and Mangia) and Scott Cardwell were the hosts, and Don Dilego was the headliner (above), but they allowed me to perform a song I wrote two years ago: “Three days.” I had no idea what to expect, but as I heard myself sing the strains of words that had been muted for the past couple years; the warmth that emanated from the people in front of me that I loved made me forget my frosted fingers and remember why it is I love to sing. There is nothing like finding yourself amongst friends – people who think that you are brilliant even if at times you are not 😉 – your biggest fans! That is what made this performance so remarkable for me. Regardless of what the rest of the world might think about the songs I write, I was famous with my friends; as they are famous to me!

Who are your biggest fans?

2 thoughts on “Frozen, Debut, and Farmapalooza

  1. My biggest fans always end up being people I didn’t expect.

    While talking to a group of people yesterday, my best friend excitedly told everyone, “Look at Christina’s hair! She donated 10 inches this week for a cancer charity!”

    If I hadn’t known any better, I would’ve thought it was a proud mama moment. 🙂

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