It’s a Small World After All

You can almost hear the little munchkins singing that in their little technicolor wonderland, right? It was the summer of 2007, one that came rushing back as I heard fluent Spanish coming from one of the cubes next to me in this “Office Space” sea of cubes that is my academic home.


When I hear someone speaking fluently in a foreign language, immediate jealousy ensues. I am barely functional in French and can find my way to the bathroom in Spanish and German. Jealous quickly turned to envy when I learned that my Korean cubemate’s first language was Spanish, as he was raised in Madrid, and he had a laundry list of others learned along life’s way. Sigh. Madrid…


Envy aside, we started talking about Gran Via (pictured above), the Opera and Plaza Mayor and found us both a little “Spain-sick.” As I sat down in my cube, the memories of that summer working in Spain came flooding back and one in particular as it is connected Liberty University; the institution which owns the cube where I sit.


Plaza Mayor, our favourite place to drink something local and cold, and watch the Madrid city life pass by. I love to watch people and could spend hours doing it, but Ash and I equally entertained ourselves by playing cards in cafes all over Europe. In Plaza Mayor, on this particular day, is where the phrase “it’s a small world after all” came to life because as we were packing up our cards to head out and find our favourite desert place (churros con chocolat, mmmm!!!), and was stopped by the table behind us. Two guys, a father/son team, asked what two pretty young girls were doing on a Saturday night playing cards? Being the talker that I am (yes, we ALL know this) I struck up a conversation with them and discovered that not only were they American, they lived in VA and the 18 year old son on the team was considering attending LU in the fall! WHAT THE!?!?!? Honestly, what are the chances!? The funnier thing is, dad had thought we were college age and had come to ¨rescue¨us from a boring evening. They both were a little surprised to learn that Ash and I were much older than 22…and we were both were college professors at Liberty!! We had such a great time talking about anything and everything, and did a little recruiting for the good ´ol LU, that before we knew it 9pm had turned to 10:30 and it was dark! The funniest part was how this man, that we just met, found out I was single and promptly attempted to marry me off to his younger brother; he even offered his poor son’s hand in marriage who was sitting there. ‘You’d have to wait 6 years until he was done all his schooling,’ he said, ‘then he can marry you.’ LOL. Poor Joe! I told Joe that if he came to LU, there would be no shortage of attractive girls his own age, and he wouldn’t have much trouble finding someone when he gets there! The joke with my friends has always been that I’ll marry one of my students, but I have no clue who it is I’ll marry…I just hope its not going to take 6 years for me to find him (two have passed since this little moment in time :p)


It IS a small world after all. When’s the last time you used that phrase?


5 thoughts on “It’s a Small World After All

  1. Ohhh the good old days. I miss that plaza now… sigh! I wish I was back there eating olives, drinking tinto and playing cards.

  2. Ohhh yeah! The other day I was in a Mexican restaraunt and they were playing one of the songs we heard in Spain. Then I had it stuck in my head for a few days! If I only knew what it was called!!!!

  3. I probably used that phrase last week… when I had to send student progress reports — and my contact information — to a coach who had asked for my number a year ago. And got denied.

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