Things That Don’t Come Naturally…

And maybe it does for Halle Barry, but if she’s like the rest of us, it’s something we have to work at; and I hate running. Yet, I’ve found myself on the treadmill this past week, forcing myself to sustain a 1.5 mile run…to start.

You know that little extra something you get after Thanksgiving holidays? And Christmas holidays? And Easter holidays? Well, that came a little early for me after going home to celebrate Canadian thanksgiving in October. My usual trimmer self, that I manage to sustain well into November, lodged a massive hit on that international holiday. So I started to run. As I was running today, I was thinking about all the other areas in life that I have to “work” at because they just don’t come naturally. I came up with a short list:

1. Academics: While I might be smart, I am not one of those people who can take an exam without studying hours in advance to get better than a “C;” so time is spent studying texts and notes to ‘make the grade.’
2. Wellness: I may have been blessed genetically, but “thin” and “healthy” are not synonymous with “lounging” and “junk food;” so I have to devote deliberate time to daily exercise and monitoring of my diet.
3. Musicality: Though I may sing and pluck a few strings or tinkle a couple ivory’s, I recently learned that accomplishment is possible when deliberate time is given to its development.

I gave a little time yesterday to songwriting and in a short half-hour of determined attention, I came up with this:

    Chasing butterflies
    Crimson gold October skies
    Dreams that sparkled in my eyes
    Fairy tales at play.Skies are now a shade of gray
    Wings are clipped
    The sparkle fades
    Happy never after all
    Life got in the way.

The common denominator here? Time. What would happen if you made time for things in your life?


3 thoughts on “Things That Don’t Come Naturally…

  1. Anyone who reads both our blogs would be able to see we are so different, but spend a lot of time together. My thought for the day was about what we’re naturally gifted (and un-gifted) in… and where we should expend our efforts.

    So funny!

  2. I’d write the great American novel, of course. Oh, wait, perhaps I’m dreaming there…

    For me, its good to keep track of people that are better than me. Granted, they’re’ not difficult to find, but I need to always have myself in check. When I start thinking my writing is good…that’s when I need to read a Salinger or Lewis and realize, “Yeah…I’m really not that good.”

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