How Stupid Do You Think I Am??

I had been staring at glowing rectangular screens for far too many hours when my friend Christina came over yesterday.  Live human interaction is always preferable, especially in an age where we spend more time talking to people half way around the world than we do to our next-door neighbors.  Her recently-cut, brown curly head, engaging in life-altering discourse, always provides a welcome excuse to disengage from the world wide web.  Yesterday’s discussion went something like this:

Me: Why do guys think I am stupid?

Christina: Why, what happened?

Me: If I am able to deduce that a freshly shaven male who smells of after-shave and cologne is setting the stage for a female encounter, if I am accurately able to draw conclusions from nonverbal behavior, why would anyone think I can’t piece together the obvious?

Here is what we concluded.

Men might be drawn to intelligent women for this reason:


When it doesn’t serve their purposes, they choose to forget intelligence and hope that this is true:


In those moments, that hope is usually accompanied by one of the following diversion tactics:

  1. Overstating the obvious
  2. Avoiding a question or situation (like playing peekaboo with an infant; if you cover their eyes, you no longer exist, right?)
  3. Dancing around the subject or issue
  4. Blatant lie (imagine a kid, covered in cookie crumbs, saying ‘I did not eat a cookie!!!’)

It is possible for me to have moments of dumbness, after all, I am human; but you can bet that if you encounter someone who is intelligent, 99% of the time you won’t get away with it.


When’s the last time someone forgot you weren’t stupid?


10 thoughts on “How Stupid Do You Think I Am??

  1. I like how you broke it down into a four part process- so true!

    My personal favorites are step 3 & 4.

    Keep up the blogs because I need the laughs:)

  2. Does ‘smart’ include correct grammar?

    “But think how much worse it would be if I wore a skirt and tried acted “like a girl.””

    This statement makes no sense.

    • Hmm…pretty sure you can deduce she meant to write “acting,” instead of what she (likely) unintentionally wrote “acted.” No one claimed perfection here, as I said above: ‘It is possible for me (anyone) to have moments of dumbness, after all, I am (we are) human.” But you sure are on the defense…

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