Michael W. Smith, Meredith Andrews and their Fans

Big hair, pastel floral dress, and pink lip gloss was the 1991 MO for the Senior High Banquet; baby blue shadowed eyes brimming as a room full of teenagers, wishing their college-bound graduates a fond farewell, linked arm-in-arm to Michael W Smith’s “Friends.”

Nostalgia was racing through my mind as I saw Michael W perform live this past Friday night at Thomas Road Baptist Church.  I had a balcony seat in the sanctuary (thanks to the gentlemen who gave me a free ticket when I walked in that night) right next to the spotlight, giving me a birds-eye view of the stage.


But I wasn’t there just to see Michael W.  One of his opener’s was a college friend of mine.  I can still remember hanging outside Meredith Andrews and Kristin Fraga’s Dorm window on The Hill in undergrad…sigh…where do the years go?  Now she’s opening for MWS!

What you should know about Meredith Andrews: she is not only a beautiful person, inside and out (as you can see below :p), she is a breath-taking singer and performer and probably one of the most genuine people I have ever met.  She had promised me over a month ago to try and get me back stage to meet Michael W. Smith, and text’s me Friday before the show to let me know she hadn’t forgotten!


Even though I didn’t get to meet Michael W (Meredith and I ran around backstage after the show to no avail), I was able to watch Meredith interact with her fans and realized something; there really are few genuine people (celebrities especially) left in the world.  I watched her sign each person’s CD cover, and converse with them as if they were the only people in the room.

I am sure fame comes with a price, and new fame has freed Meredith to spend time with her fans after a show; however, I am certain no matter how famous she becomes, Meredith will always see her fans not just as fans but individual people that she loves (even if she accidentally draws across their chin with a sharpie ;)). God has given you a beautiful gift Meredith and I can not wait to see how He uses it in the years to come!  You’ll be headlining soon 😉

It made me wonder, how often do we take time to talk to the people in our lives and treat them like they’re the only people in the room?


If you haven’t heard Meredith’s music before be sure to check her out : Meredith’s myspace


3 thoughts on “Michael W. Smith, Meredith Andrews and their Fans

  1. Great post, Renee…I remember those pastel floral dress days! That tour is coming near us next weekend but I don’t think we’re going to be able to catch the concert, it would be fun. Did I ever tell you Meredith is on staff at our church? I’ve met her before but wouldn’t really say I “know” her. She would probably know my husband though, he knows everyone 🙂

    • Remember those days!?! Ahh…if we only knew then what we know now! I didn’t know Meredith was at YOUR church!! I’m surprised I didn’t make the connection! She is fantastic! We hung out some in college and I’ve only caught back up with her this past fall when she first came to TRBC to sing and then again at her concert! If you run into her, tell her we went to church together, she’ll laugh, it’s such a small world! Tell the hubbie I said hey!

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