Yesterday, I learned that the professor I work with was diagnosed with Swine Flu; I have been in direct contact with someone who now has the piggy-virus.  That information in mind, I have paid closer attention to my body and the minute I feel tired, I sleep.  That meant this morning I didn’t role out of bed until 8:24, the time I am usually rolling onto campus.

It was just after 9am, I went out to my car and was a little surprised that the apartment complex’s parking lot was rather full.  I pulled out onto Timberlake Rd and was even more surprised that on a weekday morning you could fire a cannon down the right hand lane with minimal damage.  Come to think of it, I hadn’t heard my college-age roommates get up this morning!  Had Starbucks parking lot not been full and nearly all the seats taken by sweatpant-clad undergrad students, I was beginning to think the rapture had taken place and I’d been “left behind.”

I strolled back into my apratment, venti pumpkin spice misto in hand, and saw both roommates lounging around the living room.  Liberty University had cancelled classes today; in place of class, the student body was expected to vote.


Voting…as I listened to them discuss the elections today, I found myself doing what I have done for over a decade: I began to tune them out.  As a Canadian citizen, I have never been allowed to vote here in the US.  Though I may have opinions about American politics, there has never been anything I can really do about them except share my opinions in hopes of affecting change in a US voter’s mind.

I left Canada when I was 19 years old, the first year I was eligible to vote in my own country; and was never home during elections in Canada brecause of my school schedule.  Then it dawned on me: I HAVE NEVER VOTED.  I managed to get through my twenties without ever seeing a ballot, ever entering a voting booth; I had never rocked the CANADIAN vote!!


Though I might not be eligible to vote here in the US, I have been eligible to vote in Canada…for twelve years now.  Maybe it’s becuase I haven’t lived there full-time in twelve years, I haven’t paid taxes there in eight years, or I have no clue what is going on in Canadian politics aside from what I occasionally catch on C-SPAN (that’s where I learned we had a female PM for a minute!); but I also haven’t complained about what is going on in my homeland’s political climate either.


I HAVE complained about the way things have gone here in the US, but I can’t do anything about that.  If you’re American reading this, YOU can.

Have you complained about the way things are in the US?

Have you voted?

Vote.  Becuase I can’t.


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