Jennifer Aniston, Meg Ryan and PINK.

What do these three girls have in common?  Hair styles I have sported.

It was 1994, senior prom, and the mall hair salon stylist was persuading me to take my shapless-locks and let him recreate them into the image of the newest sitcom starlet: Jennifer Aniston.


Unfortunately, the 90’s were long before digital photography so I don’t have pictures of this ‘do that I can upload.  Without my own team of make-up artists and hair-stylists, primping me every day before school, this look lasted the night and it was back to pony-tails and air-dried hair until the end of college.  At that point, my hair was waist long, and it was the classic “boy-just-broke-my-heart-makeover” which took me from this:


To this:


And I have never gone back.  My hair has been various versions of short, both in colour and in length, but today I had it chopped down to the length I have always felt most myself in; one that might more closely resemble something Pink would sport:


Which translated into this today:


The only constant we can expect in life is change and we can either embrace change or fight it.  I think change is something I have learned to embrace, even in something as simple as my hair.

What changes are you embracing?


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