Write On!

“Pigheaded determination is no substitute for sheer, amazing talent. But sometimes it helps.” – Junot Diaz

I didn’t feel like writing today.  This is the first time since I started “CanAmGirl” that I haven’t felt like flying my fingers over the iMac keys.  Not because I haven’t had anything particularly interesting happen today. I could write about running into my former boss who fired me from the restaurant industry at his new restaurant in town, or how my roommate just moved out, or how my other roommates sister found out she has swine flu and may be infecting the apt; I mostly didn’t want to write because I just didn’t feel like it.


Then I got to thinking about why I even started writing.  I never thought of myself as a good writer.  There were kids in high school that they primed to be writers and though I made “A”‘s on papers in college, I figured it was an expected sequence of events: carefully follow instructions, get the professor’s seal of approval on your idea, get an A.  (Food for thought: No professor is going to give anything less than an A to their own work, so if they invest in yours, why would it be any different?).

It wasn’t until after college that I started blogging on Facebook.  I would write about life.  “My car was hit four days after I bought it” or “My skirt flew up on a ride at Disney.”  It would always be tongue-in-check though; I mean, who goes to Disney in a skirt??  Without asking, I would get random comments saying “you really are a great writer,” or “you tell a great story,” or “you should ghost write for someone some day.”


It’s amazing how positive feedback can shape your thinking.

I started to see myself as a writer.

Which brings me to today.  As I contemplated skipping this chapter of my blog, I realized that writing is like any other skill: the more you do it, the better you get.  The hardest days to do it, are the days you don’t want to.  Some days I’ve got it, and others I don’t. I have opened the gate to writing and some days I want to run through it and explore every corner, every crevice, every inch of creativity, and other times it is all I can do to step across the threshold into composition-land.


But I did it.

What is it you should be doing today?


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