Last night, as I was walking back to my apartment from work, it was one of those beautiful, clear, starry nights and I found myself entranced.


I might have been the coolest kid in fifth grade. In 1987, computers were still a novelty; so having a dad who was a high school Computer Science teacher only helped when it came to class projects. 😉  That year, my dad hauled our personal computer into Mrs. Smith’s class and I did a comprehensive presentation on constellations.  The Big Dipper.  Scorpio.  Orion.


Ever since that class, I have found myself searching the sky on clear nights for those clusters of stars, and Orion has always been the one that has “followed” me.

I saw him through my teenage winter weekends in Muskoka Woods, sprawled out on blankets of snow after crashing my GT snow racer off a jump. I saw him at Pleasant Bay Camp on the evenings we would sneak out from our cabins to run through the corn fields and chase each other through the cemetery all in the name of not sleeping.

Last night I saw him walking back to my apt from a long evening of specials, drink orders, and “my pleasure”s. Those stars have seen so many seasons of my life.  The night sky held them in place through my Opa passing away, through my high school graduation, through my  mom’s passing, through college grad, through night after night of joy and tears, reunions and goodbyes; and they have always stayed the same. Little in life avoids change, but Orion has been a constant in my night sky.

What is a constant in yours?


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