It’s a chicken noodle soup kinda day…

100 miles an hour.  That’s about the speed I careen through life day to day.  I lack the ability to slow myself down, so sometimes life has to do it for me.  Today is one of those days; life definitely pulled the emergency break.


I have the flu.  Swine flu you ask?  No clue.  Thanks to American health care, I won’t be heading to see a Dr. till the AM and save myself a couple thousand dollars.  It’s not that serious…yet…but it is the following:




I was told a little bit of sun is good for the soul, and what ails.  I didn’t get a tan, but I don’t feel any worse…yet…

All I could think – as I hauled the Kroger shopping bags full of soup, ginger ale, and tea into my apartment – was that inspite of feeling ill, there is something to be said about rest; and it is a good reminder that as busy as I may like to be when I am 100%, I should work at not speeding through life all the time.


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