Probably not.

I had taken every precaution in the last few weeks, since swine flu became something that I was one degree away from, and I still got sick.  People have criticized parents choice to avoid unnecessary public exposure due to the flu pandemic, because, I mean, as long as you frequently wash your hands, drink hot liquids, and avoid sick individuals you should be alright, right?



And I realized this when I was working Friday night.  Think about it.  Every time someone who is “infected” touches anything, that increases the chances of the flu spreading.  What do you touch in a given day?  Door handles, railings, money; are you able to wash you hands after you touch every little thing?


No.  Completely impractical.

Especially when you can’t take into account all variables.  Take the dishwasher at work Friday; he had just been released from the hospital and was triple layered in hoodies running dirty dishes through the washer and stacking the clean ones with his hands. Obviously.  So now the glass he just placed on the rack, is pulled off, filled with coke, taken by a waiters hands to the table, passed around to the coke-drinker, and used by that individual throughout the meal.  We have successfully infected three or more people.


So I’m sick; maybe from that very same individual.  As I lay here nursing my illness with Canada Dry, chicken noodle soup, a lot of sudafed laced with ibuprophen, and Season Five of Office Space, I urge you to consider: Can you be too overcautious?


One thought on “Overcautious?

  1. Was in the same boat at school. Had hand sanitizer in my car, my pocket, and my book bag and used it frequently. Still got sick.

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