The Upside of Illness…

Is there one?

I suppose it depends on how you define “illness.”  There have been moments of sickness in my life, I’m thinking particularly of food poisoning and strep throat, where death seemed preferable; but as I lay bed-ridden these past two days with just a bad cold, I have had time to think.

The upside: time to think.  I used to mandate my residential public speaking class at LU in one of their written assignments, to take 30 minutes of isolated time to themselves.  No music. No cell phones.  No television.  No roommates.  Nothing.  They were required to find a place where they would be isolated to just their thoughts.


They are then required to write a two-page synopsis of their experience in solitude.  Most of them complained about how “lost” they felt without their cell phones, or how foreign it felt to be without the ability to text; but it was fairly unanimous that most of them did not usually take time out of their day to just be.  I would have to include myself in that statement, and being sick has allowed me that time – however foggy it might be – to just be. All I could think is, it’s unfortunate that illness brought me to a place where I recognized the importance of time alone.

When’s the last time you scheduled time for solitude?


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