Rain, Remembrance Day, and “Land of the Free?”

Into each life some rain must fall” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

This is the bedside view today; a front row seat I have kept warm for nearly three days straight now:


Someone once said, “Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness, has never danced in the rain.

Today it is pouring. And I don’t mind the rain.  I have never cared about my “hair losing its shape,” or my “make up running;” largely because I don’t have hair that is affected by rain nor do I wear a lot of make up.  I actually love the rain as much as I love sunshine.  It’s change that I have grown to love, because it is a reminder that not only can I not control the weather patterns; I am completely incapable of controlling my life.  Embracing that truth will be one of the most freeing experiences.  If you can’t control life, what is the sense in worrying about it?

Ahh…so easy to prescribe, so difficult to take.  Maybe it is because we don’t necessarily trust the physician prescribing it to us?  So I still worry, and now I’m sick.

The weather today is a solid reflection of my health: wet, damp, and cold.  I do not know if I have the swine flu, because I refused to pay the MD in order to test for it.  Imagine: paying to confirm you have a flu virus, only to be told they can’t do anything to help you with it anyway??

My friends son had the “flu,” so his dad took him to the doctor who said
the same thing: “We can’t guarantee that it’s swine, but that’s what is
going around so that is what we will diagnose him with. Drink fluids and
rest. Pay up.”


Some seventy odd dollars (minimum) later, you are walking out of the doctors office with a prescription for cough medicine – because they have to give you something to make the trip seem worthwhile – and you are in the same position you were in before you walked in the door; but with a lighter pocketbook.

It’s Remembrance Day in Canada today.


I can remember playing the trumpet in the halls of Ramer Wood Public School in the seventh grade.  Taps.  I can also remember collecting poppies and talking about the vets who served our country by fighting in WWI and WWII.  Those men and women fought for Canada’s freedom; which included our freedom to have access to health care whenever we need it.  Freedom that prevents its citizens from having to endure a sharp pain because it is “not consistent and (we) can’t afford to go to the doctor and get an x-ray, and then an MRI, and then be given some expensive drug or be told (we) need surgery; or worse yet, be told it’s nothing at all.”

Here in America, we deal.  And hope it goes away.

If America is the “land of the free,” then why is health care a privilege for its citizens and not a freedom?



4 thoughts on “Rain, Remembrance Day, and “Land of the Free?”

  1. US healthcare is a scam. They don’t care about my health or anyone else’s. All they care about is the money. I haven’t a choice but to have insurance. If I let my policy lapse and I am then labeled “pre-existing”. What that garbage means is that if I don’t continue coverage for any reason at all and then down the road I decide to buy into a new policy, I am screwed if I have any problem with anything pre-existing. For example, I have already had 2 back surgeries in the same area of my spine. A third is just a matter of time. If I let my insurance lapse and have to have the third surgery and have a new policy…too bad, I have to foot the whole bill. I have 2 bad knees that have already been looked at. Same rule. If I let my policy lapse and have future issues with either knee under a new policy,oh well, screwed again. What do I do? I can’t afford to pay the premium but I can’t afford not to either. You’re right Canada Girl..how exactly is the US the land of the free again?

    • Carrie,

      These were all things I had to learn the hard way too…because it was never something I had to think about in Canada. I had someone say it best today – America may not have a human-King, but they have made the bottom line King of this country. To him we bow…

  2. Are you suggesting that we permit the well-being of our population take precedence over the amazing quality of life that enforcing the afore-mentioned bottom-line produces?

    (note sarcasm)

    Great post, Renee. Let’s hope this situation becomes fixed very soon.

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