Green Card…


I entered the Green Card Lottery once.  I think I paid $25, and there were supposedly 30 some odd Canadian’s who would receive a Green Card that year; I never heard back.

My friends have always said I need to just find me a good American man and marry him to stay in the country.  If you’ve seen The Proposal, you’ll know its not quite that simple…but still a viable option.  Of course, that means you have to live with the person for so many odd years, deal with their crap (literally sometimes), their quirks, their idiosyncrasies; all in the name of citizenship.  Worth it?  I wasn’t sure…

Marriage has always been off the table for me, mostly because I have never met a guy who could handle me; or one that I could tolerate. 😉 Which is why yesterday was an epic surprise…


I bought Marty a Bentley for his birthday yesterday, yes, a Bentley. I decided to take it over sooner than later because when I called him on my way to get Starbucks coffee, he sounded less than impressed to be staring in the face of another year.  Who doesn’t like birthdays!?!?  Presents. Friends. Parties…an entire day about you?  Maybe it’s because this is every other day of his life that he was disappointed this day had finally arrived.

Mission “Cheer up Marty” went into effect.

Instead of turning left toward Timberlake Starbucks to do work, I took the right to 29, down Boonsboro road, to the ’03 Starbucks.  I picked up Marty’s favorite (Caramel Macchiato), and found him at his house about to take the Collie and the Golden Retriever for a walk.  Two shots of sugared espresso, a brisk walk in the damp dewy air, and things were starting to turn around.

In my family, special occasions are a big deal.  So it is hard for me to fathom how someone would not want to acknowledge their birthday, regardless of age!  I’ll be freaking 88 years old and expecting a huge birthday party with an ice cream cake and a night on the town!  So it was my mission to make sure Marty enjoyed his; next thing on the list: Shop.


I wish we were at that Macy’s.  Instead it was Lyncbhburg’s version; more of a Kohl’s than a Macy’s.

What you need to know is that Marty is a massive prankster, especially if he’s bored.  The day before his birthday he announced on Facebook (where all socialites go for pertinent, up-to-date information about friends, acquaintances and complete strangers),that he was going to London for his birthday.  I decided to announce that I had joined him, and our friend Ella chimed in suggesting that we had decided to go to England to elope.

To aid in our little game, the jewelry section at Macy’s provided a modest selection of sterling silver cubic zirconium rings and I landed on a sweet little solitaire for $25.  I found Marty wandering through Ralph Loren clothing and after he told me what to tell his mom to buy him for Christmas, I showed him the ring.  He loved the idea, and the price, until he realized that a fake .75ct ring would be a poor reflection on him as my fiancee.  And so ensued the hunt for a diamond ring.

Neither of us had woke up that morning thinking we’d be shopping for engagement rings, neither of us were under the influence of anything that might have explained our behavior, and neither of us could have predicted how this would end…

I’m tired, it’s been a long post-Friday the 13th day, you’ll have to check back in tomorrow to find out; sleep well blog-ville! 😉


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