Green Card Part II…


This is the Bentley I bought Marty, largely because a real Bentley would have put me in debt for the next couple decades…the irony is he used to own a few of them…


This is the size of the largest ring you can buy at River Ridge Mall.  How do I know?  Because after Marty decided the cz ring was too small, we proceeded to go to all the jewelry stores in the mall; 1.5ct is the biggest ring you can buy at a mall here.  What I didn’t know, is that Marty was a very good customer at Lynchburg’s version of Tiffany’s – Bowen Jewelers – and Biff was more than happy to let me try on the 5ct ring he brought out from the back:


And shortly after that I accidentally threw it on the floor.  That’s right, a 50,000 ring slipped right off my finger and crashed onto the carpeted floor at Bowen.  They make those things standard size 7…I’m a size 5!!  So when Marty said, “Renee, walk with that ring on, I want to see if it catches enough light;” despite the fact that I quizzically looked at the 5ct’s on my finger and couldn’t imagine how it wouldn’t, I did as he asked and subsequently lost it in mid-stride onto the floor.  Marty’s mouth dropped, Biff masked any sentiment, and I quickly picked it up with an “oops, sorry about that!”  Sorry I just sent some people’s yearly salary from my boney little fingers through the air and crashing on the floor.  How does this stuff happen to me??

We looked at a different ring too:


So 2001, and I’m not an antique kinda girl…I’ve always wanted a solitaire, diamond cut, and I thought I was shooting for the stars in hopes of a 3ct!  We took the pictures you see here, walked out of Bowen and I looked at Marty and said, “You realize, when I upload this to Facebook, my friends aren’t used to me joking about stuff like this, it’s going to cause a scene…”  Marty loves scenes.  I hit “upload.”

Have you ever had an “avalanche” moment in your life?  You have front row seats to the events that are careening down the side of a mountain only gaining speed and size with every passing second?  Friday the 13th was my avalanche.

In less than five minutes, one of my best friends from college and former college roommate was calling.  Marty and I decided we weren’t going to answer because we hadn’t actually thought through what we were going to do about the diamond ring aftermath.  Poor Annie.  I’m sorry I didn’t pick up or respond to your text! 😦  Then my phone started chiming.  I have it set up so that whenever someone sends me anything on Facebook a notification is sent to my Gmail account.  Ten chimes later, and 10 minutes after posting, I look at Marty and say, “what have we done?”  Facebook wall ablaze, phone calls flooding in and an hour later, Marty and I have concluded that we’re going to let this ride.  We’re in London for his birthday, about to elope and I have to decide if I want to accept the ring…and the huge prenup that is attached to it.


Hmm…this is what I do to people who insist on a prenup: Click Here

5ct diamond rings, prenups…is this still a joke?  I was starting to wonder…and you’ll have to wait till tomorrow to find out 😉


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