The Trilogy…

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All her love,

Renee Ruth 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Trilogy…

  1. Argh! Truly Renee… this is quite the page-turner! (but really… do people really even say that anymore in an online world since there really are no pages to turn anymore… only scroll bars to scroll down? I don’t know if “scroller-downer” has the same upbeat feel to it to it as a ‘page-turner’… ya know? It sounds more depressing. Scroller-downer. It’s like you’re depleting something of emotion and life as you move down the page… or like you’re spilling out a part of your soul as you scroll down… and then to scroll down only to find… the end of the trilogy still missing! how depressing is THAT?!?! It’s like I’m a fish caught on the line, I went for the bait and now I’m hooked… waiting for merciful release. (how’s that for melodrama?) just teasing of course… but all the same, still eagerly anticipating the final chapter of this story! 🙂 No pressure. (Kind of).

    • Joanna,

      That was brilliant, lol, simply brilliant! A fish caught on a line trying not to be a “scroller-downer;” I am surprised people are hooked so well they don’t have to hang on, but I promise it will be worth the wait!!
      Just didn’t have it in me to type it all out today…good to hear from you! Leave comments more often!!

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