Love AND Marriage?!?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…and feel like it (30 below)…and smell like it, and TASTE like it!!  The Peppermint Mocha Latte at Starbucks is a little bit like Christmas in a cup.  Today I stopped by to pick up a cup of this holiday-Joe and was greeted by my regular Starbucks family partners asking, “Renee, are you engaged??”

How do THEY know!?!?

This is a small town, and word travels fast, so I’ve decided its time to set the record straight; especially after Michelle cheered loudly as I was walking out with my cup of love: “CONGRATULATIONS!!!”

I am not engaged.

Marty and I are not engaged.

Although, as I was explaining the joke to his mom over the weekend, she said to me, “Well, I don’t know about a 5ct diamond ring, but I do know I wouldn’t mind if you married Marty.”  I think that was her blessing? My parents have infrequently asked if Marty and I are “an item,” to which I’ve always said, “Marty is one of my best friends, no guys, we’re not.”  And I would still say that today.  Do you know that when my car, less than a couple months old, was rear-ended, Marty lent me his Jeep for almost a week; a Jeep that’s lease expired a day before we returned it!  He really is a great friend.

Yet this whole prenup thing has me spun.  I have been reading all the comments you guys have been leaving and I can definitely see both sides of this shiny gold coin.

I never thought all the gold in the world would matter when I finally married.  Not because I am ignoring the high divorce rate (I fully recognize that it is about the same percentage in Christian marriages as it is in Secular ones), but because I was certain that I would find the same kind of love one day that my dad has managed to find…twice. (Check my history before you read into that one the wrong way.)

So I am fascinated about it, because honestly, this wasn’t something that was ever talked about when we dreamt of marriage growing up…dresses, flowers, cakes, romantic destinations, diamond rings, brides maids, and an engagement story that topped the last proposal made in our group of friends…those are things we talked/dreamt about.  How did we leave out a prenup?

I think it’s because I might identify with the people who commented yesterday about trust, faith, and the belief that if you marry you marry for life, that I still don’t see money as an object.  I had always thought that it would be like Courtney said yesterday, “I (would be) committed to him, that I wasn’t in it for the money, and he (would) trust that.”  Am I naive here?  Would I say this if I were the one with millions?

I’m looking for all the two cents I can get here, especially if it’s gold 😉


3 thoughts on “Love AND Marriage?!?

  1. Friend-
    Forget the prenup discussion. After all this talk about what a great guy Marty is, pray tell, WHY aren’t you engaged?! 😉 Are you even dating? I’m so confused!
    (Too bad I live in Canada and not your small town, else I’d probably know this!)

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