The Only Constant is Change…

If you haven’t noticed, every week or so I end up “taking a day off.”  So much had happened in the 48 hours since my last post and I had originally planned to write about so many different things today; then I met up with Christina Olson who informed me she was moving out of Lynchburg.  For good.  In less than a month.

I am not an emotional person.  Never really have been.  Even though I may not cry during sappy movies, or tear up when a friend gets engaged, or choke up when I learn a good friend is moving to the other side of the country…I still feel.  That news made me feel sad…

Which makes today bitter sweet.

One of my former roommates, fellow graduate school survivor and good friend is coming to visit (above middle) with her husband – also a friend – from California today.  She left Lynchburg for good in May.  Fitting that the same day I learn one friend is breaking free from the “Lynchburg Bubble”(above left), another friend is returning.  As I left our conversation at Starbucks, I was reminded once again that “the only constant is change.”  My strong identification with that phrase might be the reason I find solace in BT’s technological rendition of this singularity:

There has always been a small part of me that has wished I was part of a bigger life somewhere else; maybe living in New York city, San Diego, even Toronto, with a brilliant corporate job, making six figures, and shopping at Coach and Armani on the weekends.

However, one could really spend the rest of their lives imagining living life a different way, and that was something I learned from Christina today. With all these versions of life at our disposal, in some cases immediate disposal, sometimes I wonder if we spend so much time wishing our lives were something else, we forget to live it.

What life have you dreamed of living?  Why aren’t you living it?


6 thoughts on “The Only Constant is Change…

  1. I know what you mean. I’m living the dream right now, perfectly content with where I am and who I’m with. I do sometimes though get nostalgic for places abroad. When you travel you realize that people live pretty differently around the world and that’s kind of neat.

    I’ve lived the bigger life in a big city, only to realize that it’s still a small world. I developed a fondness for my neighbourhood shops and parks and sort of forgot I was downtown.

    Besides, who can afford to shop at Coach and Armani every weekend? 🙂

    • Entropygirl,

      Thank you for the comment! Yes, sometimes I dream of living in Madrid, and spending my late evenings at Plaza Mayor enjoying sangria and live entertainment; and then I remember that even though I can’t afford to shop at Coach and Armani EVERY weekend…I DO have a wonderful life right where I am; where the Starbucks Barista know my name and drink, I can’t go very far without running into someone I know well and I have a wonderful group of friends that I consider family. Home IS where the heart is, right?

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