Stories that should not be forgotten…

Reminiscing…as long as the memories are happy, is one of my favorite things to do.

Reuniting…is what spawns the succession of stories that remind of you of days, years, and lifetimes that have gone by.

Today was one of those days for me.  La Caretta was the venue and the company?  That would be graduate schoolmates!

Ashley (on the right), was my Euro-companion.  Together, we spent two months roaming the continent, surviving a succession of near-death experiences, and tolerating my quirks: intense fear of flying…to name one.  I made her hold my hand…during take off…on all NINE flights…

Before Korry married his lovely bride, he and I spent a number of semesters as groupmates and despite some of our best efforts – pinata’s, costumes, and character playing – we only got a “B” on our first presentation together.  We were ROBED.

I think the best story told in the past two days was at the end of on of our fall semesters.  Ashley, Korry, myself, and a wonderful human being named Chad who as YET to visit…were all in a group.  During finals week, I was house sitting in butt-crack NOWHERE VA, so we were prepping on the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  The house had a dog, black lab, who was insane. It also had this wonderful outdoor hot tub situated on the unfinished porch deck which consisted of essentially beams with boards haphazardly tossed on top.

In the middle of one of our breaks, Ashley, my former roommate Teresa, and myself were relaxing in the hot tub.  I had brought over the essentials, Kraft Peanut Butter, imported directly from Canada (sold nowhere in the US).  Against better judgment, I allowed the lab to chill in the house while we chillaxed in the pool.  It couldn’t have been more than 30 minutes and Ash had to run to the bathroom.  She delicately balanced her way to the patio door and went in.  Minutes later, Ash appeared at the door holding a jar in her hand…my mangled Kraft peanut butter jar.

The dog had gotten it and nearly ripped it to shreds!!  I was FURIOUS.

I launched out of the hot tub and tore across the deck in my bikini, and as I reached the door I felt my feet give from underneath me (the water that Ash had left going to the bathroom had turned into a mini-rink outside the patio door), and I ended up falling right before I reached the door knob onto my butt narrowly missing falling off the edge of the 4 ft patio deck.  As I’m crashing, I catch a glimpse of the interior of the house…

Somehow this lab had managed to locate a number of rolls of toilet paper and essential papered the entire living room of the house; toilet paper was strewn everywhere. He had managed to turn the tv on and was blasting a static channel at full volume, all the while nearly tearing into my beloved Canadian peanut butter.

Seriously, how do these things happen to me…but if they didn’t, what would we have to talk about over Mexican food nearly 4 years later, right?

What are some of your great memories?


One thought on “Stories that should not be forgotten…

  1. Wow, Christina’s hair has already grown out quite a bit. :o) Coming back to Washington after living in VA for four years was a reunion to remember.

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