My Kryptonite

Also known as an Achilles’ Heel; either way it is the source of my physical vulnerability.  However, my Kryptonite doesn’t come in the form of a glowing-green rock…

Instead, it appears as an adorable bundle of fur…

That particular ball of death-fur is Eightball; my friend Leslie’s new cat, and one more reason why I can’t spend more than an hour in her house.  It’s sad, on so many levels.

I couldn’t have been more than 12, and we would occasionally visit Aunt Anne for family dinner which included their family cat.  My mom had a childhood cat who turned into an adult nemises when she came home from college and had developed a severe allergy to her beloved kitty.  This meant that growing up, cats were no where near our household; so I relished the trips to visit my aunt because I loved cats.  Every time we left my aunt’s, I reminded my mom that I was so glad I didn’t have any allergy to cats; she always said, “just wait.”

Sure enough, after one of our family dinners, we were pulling out of the driveway and mom drew attention to the index finger I was using to rub my right eye.  “Ohhh…looks like someone might have developed an allergy to cats?!?”  No way.  No!  No No NO!!


I was devastated.  So much so that I spent the next year drawing pictures of cats for all my art projects in school.  Halloween kitty.  Firetruck kitty.  Christmas kitty.

Cats had become my Kryptonite.

To this day, I am so sensitive to cats, I can walk into a room and tell you within the hour if a cat had ever been there.  It is the one thing that can take me from 100% health and functionality and render me nearly useless and debilitated for days afterward.

I marveled at how sometimes it is the things we love the most that end up being the worst things for us.

What’s your Kryptonite?


6 thoughts on “My Kryptonite

  1. I share your pain…I am wicked allergic to cats. My kryptonite, though, is citrus. Somewhere, about halfway through my life, I developed a nasty little sensitivity to it. Haven’t tasted orange juice in years…

  2. I’m allergic to cats, too. It’s manageable though. My kryptonite is sunlight- not only do I burn quickly and easily, but also develop hives if sun touches my skin.

    • I WISH my allergies were manageable, instead of debilitating…
      My step-mom sneezes every time she steps out into sunlight! HIVES? That is why you look SO much younger than you really are…I wish I was allergic to sun…

  3. Mine are BEES. Yes, BEES. Some would so “so what, better to stay away”. BUT, when you like being outdoors, have been around, and handled, and dealt with all sorts of animals from snakes, to wolves, to spiders, and sharks, even BIG cats (yeah, the real ones),… having one that can make a “stealth” attack… is a lousy vulnerability.

    Luckily, I am not allergic to CATS (just BEES), because I love cats (yes, even the big ones).

    I feel for you…


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