Somewhere in Vancouver, somewhere around 1987, we were camping across western Canada for the summer.  The older I get, the more I begin to recognize how memory fades.  Stories I could have once recounted nearly minute for minute, I can only now remember highlights from; random highlights at that!

Camping is something the good Lord did not design me for.  Tents, mosquitoes, outhouses, bugs, these are all things that I was not built for; though I might look like the “outdoorsy” type, I most definitely am not!!

Valet parking, room service, swim up bars…now we’re talking 😉

You can imagine how frustrated the nine-year-old version of myself was when she found out she had mono, weeks into the cross-Canadian-country family vacation, no amount of “flush-toilet” camp grounds could make the trip any better because I was banned from all the swimming pools they usually included.

Who was I kissing at 9 years of age?  No one…contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to kiss someone to get mono; and for your information, I didn’t have my first kiss unti I was 20!!  So not only did I get this virus without doing anything worthy of my suffering, I also found out later in life it never leaves you!

So now, when I am just recovered from swine flu, I am suffering from the return side effects of mono; namely, FATIGUE.

I couldn’t help but think today, as I took what is quickly becoming a regular afternoon nap, how many things resurface in our lives; often when we least expect it, or least want it!  Mono is haunting me in the piggy-flu aftermath.

What haunts you?


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