It’s Official!

No.  Not my engagement.  Nor my citizenship.  What is official is my first gig that I’m playing with two great friends of mine!

What might not be official is the poster; but all the information is!  I am finally doing it.  Putting my proverbial “money where my mouth is.”

Today I was talking with a friend about how easy it is to say you are going to do something, need to do something, want to do something; and how very different it is to actually DO it.  There is something about our culture where we are blessed with the gift of the gab, but quite often there is little intent behind those words.  Consider running into an acquaintance and saying, “It was good to see you, we should get together sometime!”  How many of you would mean that, and how many just use that phrase as a “closing remark?”

I think ours is a culture of closing remarks; something that contributed to the song Too Pretty For This, when I wrote:

When all the things you say,

Don’t match the things you do,

When all the things I’m hearing,

Aren’t coming true.

I’m too pretty for this.


I wonder, of all those who read this, if you find yourself considering the times that you told someone something, made a promise, led someone to believe you were going to do something, and you didn’t.  Maybe that person is yourself?  Maybe it’s time to say what you mean to say instead of John Mayer’s advice: “say what you need to say.” 😉

Say by John Mayer


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