He’s just not that into you…

Hair salons.

Quite often not simply therapy for your hair, but as an article in associated content put it: therapy for your soul…or your hairstylists soul 😉

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon getting rid of the hair colour the good Lord gave me.  Platinum blond is the estimated color of my hair now, but it has seen a rainbow of shades over the last decade of my life.  Sometimes I miss purple-black.

If you have ever spent time in a salon, the moment you sit in the chair, assess the course of action, and put the process into motion, the next topic is men.  Precisely where the discourse went yesterday as my roots were “processing,” and before too long a group of us were assessing “the game;” also known as “dating.”

Probably one of the hardest movies to watch because it is SO TRUE!  How many of us girls have stalked the guy we thought we “loved,” only to find out he was never anything good for us?  Or worked so hard to keep a relationship going that was never really going anywhere?  What about pushing for a relationship that we know isn’t good for us?  Then somewhere, in the midst of all this effort, emotions flying, feelings reeling, everything comes to a stop.  As the dust settles, we finally have a chance to see what it was we were after with clarity and as we look back on the tornado we spun to get to that moment, all we’re left with is: “How?!”


We get it all the time, most of the time when we aren’t even asking for it.  All these voices ringing in our heads, and in search of an answer, we take this advice; often to our own detriment.  Jennifer Aniston, in The Break Up fell victim to “bad advice,” and it moved her relationship away from what it is she truly wanted.  So what advice do you take?  That’s really for you to decide, but I’ll leave you with this little bit of advice ;):

He’s just not that into you if:

  • You have to initiate communication.  His fingers aren’t broken, he can dial your number.
  • You spend more time talking to his voicemail than him.  With caller-ID, there is only one explanation.
  • He’d rather play a video game than time with you.  If you are losing to virtual reality, it might be time to alter your reality.
  • He says you follow him, and he wants space.  If you are supposed to be dating, how does that work?

The truth is, we will see what we want to see, and often that’s a semblance of reality, and not the whole.  The ultimate truth is, you deserve someone who makes you a priority all the time and not just when it’s convenient for them.

Is he that into you?

(All pictures from Google Images)

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