Six degrees of Kevin Bacon.

Yesterday was surreal.  It was the first day it snowed here in Lynchburg, snow that sadly turned to freezing rain as we we were setting up for the Christmas Parade downtown Lynchburg.  The Grand Marshall of the parade this year was Lynchburg’s Star, Alma Hesson.  I lost to her in this past summer’s competition, but Lynch’s Landing invited the competitors to join her on the float this year.

So I did 🙂

This was our little float, taking off down main street.

Despite the crappy weather, there was a decent turn out.  Singing and waving to the local Lynchburgians as we crawled down Main, I saw so many familiar faces.  Charlie, the Bullbranch chef stood on 11th, my friend Ella walked along with us for a number of blocks, her family was outside their firm on Church, Andrew, who I know from everywhere it seems was there; but the highlight of my night was probably Kim running up to the window of Rise Up and plastering herself against the glass as we passed by.

I had to smile.  There are not many cities that one can live in where they find themselves singing on a cold, wet, Saturday night in a parade and see the faces of so many people she loves!  Usually I pass a lot of strangers in bigger cities; don’t get me wrong, the anonymity can be nice, but there is something about this little town…

Funnier still was the message I got this morning on Facebook.  Have you ever found yourself oddly amused at how small the world truly is?  When you see people from lives you lived, what seems like decades ago, show up in your present world?  Marty, who I met here in Lynchburg, threw the homecoming party I wrote about last month.  At that party I met a hilarious, brilliant woman name Karla.  Of course, we all added each other on Facebook and she noticed I was part of a FB group based out of Cincinnati Ohio; a group that my former graduate roommate Teresa had invited me to!  Turns out, Karla attended the church that Teresa goes to in OH and their paths had yet to cross.

If you’ve followed this so far, last night their paths finally crossed, and this is the gist of the message Teresa sent me (I hope it’s okay I used this T!):

“There’s about 30 of us all mingling (at a party), when suddenly this adorable energetic woman looks at me and says, “you went to LU and Renee Ruth was your roommate!”. My jaw dropped and I was so excited….”How do you know Renee Peckham, my roommie?” There was some confusion surrounding the Peckham/Ruth discrepancy, but as soon as we cleared that up the two of us wouldn’t shut up about the random connections. Thanks for introducing me to Karla.”

Anyone remember the game people used to play; Six degrees of Kevin Bacon?  The game started when Kevin Bacon, in a 1994 interview commented that he had worked with everybody in Hollywood, or someone who’s worked with them.

Have you ever felt that you could play that game with your own life?

Six degrees of Renee Ruth.

Yesterday it was only one.


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