“Use your words.”

That is a phrase good friends of mine use with their 2 year old son.  When he gets upset or gets frustrated, instead of making unintelligible whimpers and moans, they encourage him to use the words he knows to express how he feels.

A recent situation found me at the blunt end of a exasperated discussion; one that could have easily been avoided if all parties had “used their words.” At the crux of almost any situation in life is the lack of communication.  In the absence of communication, all parties have an opportunity to “fill in the blanks.”

Silence says as much, if not more, than words do.  In silence we have the ability to draw conclusions, make assumptions, and fabricate our own version of any given situation.  Often leaving us feeling the way the little guy looks in the picture above.

Last night I realized that I dropped the communicative ball.  I had assumed that “no news is good news,” and all was moving forward, or else I would have been informed.  Well, you know what they say about “assumptions”…

Lesson learned.

When’s the last time you failed to communicate?  Or communication failed you?


One thought on “COMMUNICATE

  1. Sometimes, though, silence is the tool that is needed for the most effective communication. I think of it in a theatrical context…silence on stage is one of the most amazing tools an actor has. There are times when this is true in life offstage, as well.

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