Happy Hanukkah

I have a Jewish friend.

She is actually not a practicing Jew, per se, but is well versed in Jewish culture and today is not only the first day of Hanukkah, but also the beginning of Shabbat.

Tonight was a night in, and I invited Olson and Ella over for some “girl time.”  Gotta love those nights!

However, first thing Christina said when she walked in was: “I can’t find my Minorah!  I mean, I know I’m packing to move (to the West Coast) and I might have put it in my car, but I can’t find it in there either!”  (insert sad face here).

I am a bit of a “fixer,” so I immediately start searching for a substitute; I mean, its like Christmas without a tree right?  So I take her to my mantle and offer her the row of candles resting there…but there are only five.  Then I notice my candelabra on my kitchen island…

We lit the middle candle and the one furthest away and then she had me site the Hebrew prayer after her as we blocked the glow of the flame with our hands.  For my benefit, she repeated the prayer in English afterward.  This was my first Hanukkah moment ever!  Simply beautiful.

After that she lamented never making latkes for me.  A quick trip to Kroger, a little Jewish magic in the kitchen, and voila: Hanakkuh snackies.

Far more appetizing in life than they appear on this plate, and loaded with applesauce or cheese and cream cheese, if you can imagine.  How my Jewish friend isn’t the size of small whale…and even though she burnt the latkes, her colourful Jewish stories made up for the slightly scorched potato treats.

I had to contribute to this event, so in good ol’ North American tradition, I served up homemade pumpkin pie (yes, I made it, don’t tell people; I don’t want anyone to think I can “cook”).

Now, as I type this blog, Olson and Ella are at my kitchen table engaged in music appreciation; anywhere from Bob Dylan to Opera on the James.  I am sitting on my couch, watching my fake-fire, completely satiated and overly thankful that in the world of people I could possibly have met and know and exist in my apartment at this moment; I could not imagine two more brilliant human beings than these two ladies.

I am blessed.

When’s the last time you found yourself in the company of charming humans?


6 thoughts on “Happy Hanukkah

  1. As a matter of fact, tonight! We had some friends over for dinner, and enjoyed great wine, coffee, Karen’s fabulous cooking, discussion about German theologians, and “Bolt.” I’m glad your night was blessed, as well!

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