Blond Moment…

When I was younger, my mom refused to let me use the stove unless it was under her supervision because she said I was “scatterbrained.”

Tonight I was reminded why.

I decided to take a stab at being domestic.  I thought my first attempt in baking would be a pumpkin pie.  Simple enough, empty the pumpkin filling, add evaporated milk, crack two eggs, whip and pour into a frozen pie shell.  How could it possibly go wrong?

Well, four days ago it didn’t, but that was under very different circumstances.  Those circumstances might be: paying attention.

I am slightly ADD, probably something my mom knew about me when I was younger and why she refused to let me near a stove…today, the distraction was a friend coming over to rehearse for our gig tomorrow night.  We’re covering an Indigo Girls song and decided to put our own little spin on it, and I was so wrapped up in working on our cover that I lost track of time.  We wrapped things up in time for me to grab all of Marty’s presents that I wrapped for his mom, shut all the equipment off, and run out the door; leaving a pie still in the oven…

Fast forward three hours.

I am sitting at dinner with my good friends Dan and Leslie when my gig partner calls.  I screen it (not cool to answer a cell when in the company of others) but she shoots a text…

This is why I don’t cook.  How do you leave the house with a PIE IN THE OVEN!?  I am usually doing life at a million miles an hour, and it has always been best for me not to engage in things that could potentially be flammable, combustible, or destructible.

Luckily, my roommate did save the pie, and it only suffered this much:

I had higher hopes for my second pie, but I think I’ll retire my culinary pursuits…

When’s the last time you forgot something that was very important?


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