The Gig

You would think after 12 years of commuting between countries for major holidays and random vacations; I would have this whole process down to a science.


Every time it rolls around, I find myself stressed out, overwhelmed, and worried about whether I can locate my paper work, my VISA so I don’t end up trying to come back into America without them like I did last year.  Remind me to tell you that story sometime, absolute miracle I got in…

So in the throws of wrapping up life here in the US for 2009, I have managed to hold a 2-day hiatus from this blog!  I apologize to anyone who became a daily reader…if there are any who are…and promise I will try not to make this a regular occurrence.

My excuse for this absence on Sunday was that it was my FIRST GIG!!

Yes…I was stoked, and it could not have been more perfect.  I could count on two hands the people who came to see me; which was the small audience of friendly faces I wanted.  I am not terrified of much in life…but playing my own music, and singing my own lyrics, is the one thing that can turn me catatonic.  So a positive, safe environment was one I purposely constructed to introduce myself to a public performance; versus the living room concert I put on daily 🙂

For those who missed the six-song set, here are three of them:

If you want to hear the other two originals…you’ll have to catch one of the live shows 😉

What do you think of these three?


13 thoughts on “The Gig

  1. Thank you Marty for video recording! I feel like I was there! I’m so sorry I wasn’t, though. Renee, you were GREAT, AMAZING, AWESOME! So fun & so proud of you! I LOVED the Indigo Girls song…..just heaven…..with Lianna there too. Lianna you were fabulous…… and Luke was as cute as can be.

    You Rock!


  2. I did not know you could sing like that. The Lord has really blessed you with an incredible gift and I can’t wait for the next concert! Thank you for being my teacher, mentor, friend….what ever you want to call it lol. I am so blessed to have you in my life!

    • Thank you entropygirl!! I had SUCH a good time performing!! Nothing better than performing for a room full of friends 🙂

      I am back in Canada for two weeks…give or take, and YES, it is FREEZING!!! Am going to blog about that one later today…;)

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