I arrived in Toronto last night and the Olympic torch arrived tonight.  My step mom saw it being carried down Younge street from the window of the Government office where she works.  Olympic torches and me.  What more could Toronto ask for??

So here has been the first 24 hours back in my homeland:

  • The windshield washer fluid froze somewhere in PA driving home last night and I have had to keep a cloth in the car and clear little circles on my windshield just to drive a few km today…
  • Canadian retail workers are NOT friendly; on the plus side the check-out lines move faster because you don’t have to listen to the Walmart cashier talk about the apple pie they made the other day…
  • Canadian parking spaces are SMALLER.  I feel like everywhere I go, I’m trying to park in a compact space and I’m holding my breath hoping I don’t get too close to the car next to me.
  • Shopping is way better up here, but everything is WAY cheaper in Lynchburg; if for no other reason than we have 15% sales tax on everything but…
  • I met a girl at the shoe store today who has dual citizenship (my dream!!) and when I asked her why she’s up here freezing in Canada if she could be in the US, her number one reason was HEALTH CARE!!!!!!
  • My car is NOT a fan of the cold; it chugged to life this morning and took a solid five minutes for the seat warmers to kick in. Don’t get me wrong, I am THANKFUL for the seat warmers; I definitely share my cars sentiment…
  • I just found out my Oma probably has a cancerous tumor; she’s 88.  Hospital trips to ensue…prayers requested!

I love my family and I am so glad to be home; we live in cottage country now and I am enjoying the warm indoors of my dad’s new house while I grade and practice my music…but there are a few reasons why I am glad I spend the coldest months of the year working in VA…

Here was my drive to my dad’s place…



4 thoughts on “Ohhh…Canada.

  1. Welcome home, Renee! (Is it still home for you?)
    The Olympic torch came through Whitby a few days ago but did so at 5:45 a.m. It was a minute from my house but I wasn’t particularly interested in seeing it at that hour.

    Sorry to hear about your shopping experience in Toronto. Hopefully you meet some nice folks near your dad’s place in cottage country. BTW, our tax is now *only* 13%. Sigh.

    Merry Christmas. Enjoy snow and ask Santa for a deluxe hair dryer for windshield washer fluid.

    • Courtney!! Thank you for the welcome back! 🙂 Canada will always be home. I. Am. Canadian. 🙂

      Check my blog later today for my encounter with the torch today 🙂 I don’t blame you at 5:45, my pillow is the only thing I care about then.

      I didn’t know it was down to 13%! That’s a bit of a break…lol

      Merry Christmas!

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