Wrong Turn…

Coming home from VA (my other home), there are a number of key exits I have to make; missing one means disaster.

This trip home, I ended up taking a call right before one of these very critical turns.  In the course of that conversation, I came to the end of I76 and had to pay my $4 toll; I accidentally gave the honest toll-guard $9, and he promptly returned the 5 back.  If that wasn’t enough to get me off the phone, I missed the first exit from that toll which I’ve never missed before and noticed it just as I was flying past the exit sign at 65mph.  I finally got off the phone to hear my GPS inform me “next exit in 15 miles.” Noooooo!!!!

If you have ever been on PA’s interstates, you’d know that there is nearly 20 minutes between each exit, so if you miss one, you are at minimum 4o minutes out of your way…

As I was driving through the back-woods of Western PA, listening to the GPS dictate turns through rural cites and having to go the speed limit behind the locals, I couldn’t help but think of the parallel in life as I watched the time tick away.

We are all on journeys in life, and sometimes we are completely focused on our path, what it is we need to be doing and where it is we need to be going; but probably more often than not, we find ourselves distracted.  Instead of moving forward, we only realize once we’re well off in the wrong direction that we made a wrong turn.  The beautiful thing is, we can always make our way back.  Even though it can be frustrating watching time pass as we work our way towards the path we were supposed to be on, there is a wonderful relief once we get there.

It ended up being a 30 minute detour and I eventually found my way back to I79, relieved to be going in the right direction once again.  What I contemplated, as I finished the last leg towards Canada, was the brilliant scenery I had seen on that detour; to every misstep, there is always something sweet that comes from it and a lesson well-learned. 😉

The lesson for me? No talking on the phone when approaching any kind of an exit!

When’s the last time you took a wrong turn?


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