Church in a movie theater!?

Evidently things change when you’ve been gone from a country long enough, gone from a city long enough…for a while now, movie theaters in the GTA (greater Toronto area) double on Sunday’s a CHURCHES.

This morning my dad, step-mom and myself got dressed up, grabbed our B-I-B-L-E’s and headed to the local Cineplex Odeon theater.  Here’s the visual rundown:

Aurora, ON

The don't have popcorn and pop; but they do have Tim Horton's coffee! 🙂

Instead of blockbuster hits, they have childrens programs

Thirty minutes after the service, they were showing "Sherlock Holmes" on this screen.

The irony of today’s service: I was in Canada, with my Canadian family, at a Canadian church, and listening to an AMERICAN pastor; who happened to be from North Carolina!  It was quite obvious when he started talking about how his family “fuss'” at each other. 😉

The service was actually inspiring; it was talking about a passage from I Thessalonian and how we should focus all our energy into making our hands busy and worrying about what God has for us to do in our own lives instead of going about other people’s business or dragging them into ours.  That true peace is found in the quiet of our lives; and that this quiet is found when we focus on what it is we should be doing instead of busying ourselves with what it is we think everyone else should be doing.  Once our focus is fixed in the right place, we’ll find that we are at peace not only with God but with the relationships in our lives.

My life is a series of ups and downs – maybe you can relate – but I know that in the moments where I am not worried about how “so and so is behaving,” or what “so and so is doing,” or how I wish “so and so would do this for me,” are the moments in my life when I am truly happy!

When’s the last time you found yourself worrying more about the people around you? 😉


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