New Years Eve 2009…

Thursday night I got a call from my sister in Canada.  She never calls.

It was 7:05pm, and my friend Kat had come into town to spend New Years Eve with me and we were getting ready to hit the Lynchburg City celebrations when I saw the area code (416) ringing on my cell.

See, I have been living internationally for nearly 12 years, and in my family we correspond 99% of the time in cyberspace (it’s cheaper); so a phone call from my sister on New Years Eve from her Canadian cell phone warranted the greeting I received: “Yeah, Renee, this isn’t the phone call you want to get…”

At 6:55 that night, my Oma had passed away.

R.I.P Oma, Dec 31st 2009

Day Out-Patient

Christmas Day '09

Sarah and I softly cried in silence for a few minutes until my senses kicked in and I gently urged her to hang up; this was costing her a small fortune.

I hung the phone up, my mind reeling.  I had never imagined one of the final moments in 2009 being the loss of my grandmother.  Walking into the living room, Katherine came out of the bathroom and gave me a massive hug; we both cried.   Although Kat offered to sacrifice her New Years Evening to spend it at home with me, I knew that my Oma would have wanted me to live the life she gave my mother, which my mom gave me; so we did, in her honour.

I have wonderful friends, and they all did a brilliant job of reminding me how blessed I truly am; taking my mind off the New Years Eve loss.  Thank you for that everyone.

Oma was by no means perfect, but she adored her grandchildren and always welcomed us with open arms.  Her smile was infectious and I would often catch her looking at me and Sarah beaming with pride.  I spent time this past weekend lamenting the fact that I hadn’t visited as much as I wish I would have now, I didn’t call her nearly as much as I could have; and if I had been given more time with her on earth I would have made greater efforts…but the Lord was ready to take her home to, how a friend so eloquently put it on my facebook, “one heck of a reunion party “upstairs” for her!”

As I celebrated the dawn of 2010, heaven was celebrating the return of my Oma.  She reminded me last Tuesday of my mom’s promise to be watching us from the balconies of heaven after she passed on; Oma looked at me and said, “I will be on that balcony with her soon Renee, watching you and waiting for you.”  Even as I am typing this, I tear at the idea of my mom and my Oma both in heaven looking down on me, together once again.

The end of 2009 took Oma to heaven, found me in Virigina, and ushered in a New Year that holds so many unknowns.  What I do know is, I met so many people visiting my Oma who told me my mom would be so proud of all my accomplishments, my Oma told me how proud she was of the woman I had become, and I can only pray that I will continue to make them both proud as I move into 2010.

Happy New Year Everyone, thank you for reading.

This one was for you Oma; you will be missed.  I love you.


5 thoughts on “New Years Eve 2009…

  1. Miss Peckham,
    As I read this….tears. Part of the tears is the fact I understand and know some of these feelings that you are going through right now. My heart breaks for you. I just pray that the Lord overflows your heart with comfort and strength on this night and the days, weeks, months and years to come. I lost my grandmother 2 years ago and with everyday that passes, it doesnt get any easier…thats just me though. I am praying for you tonight and the days ahead. Can’t wait to catch up when I get back to the Burg! 🙂 Blessings!

  2. Renee, I am so sorry for your loss. It sounds like your Oma was a wonderful person. I’m glad that you had your friends around to bring you comfort.

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